Science Horizon

Can hands-on experiences fuel student’s passion for science, technology, engineering and math? Our kids say YES.

Despite all of the technology and innovation in California, our schools rank 46th in science scores nationwide. Science Horizons is closing the achievement gap by providing TK – 8th grade students an opportunity for hands-on learning experiences. We develop learning environments that ignite student’s passion for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Our programs are closing the opportunity gap by developing the skills required for careers in STEM-related fields.

You really can ignite a student’s enthusiasm for science and technology:

STEM Labs: The STEM Lab gives K – 5th grade students at select schools weekly hands-on lessons in science and computer coding. Science Horizons also supports a C-STEM Robotics program for middle school students. This program offers cutting edge experience in computer programming and the study of robotics.

Math Tutoring: Math is an important component of STEM. Our volunteer math tutors coach students struggling with basic math concepts in weekly small group sessions. We provide our tutors training so that they can help students keep up with the rest of the class.

Financial Literacy: Too many young adults enter college and the workforce without the basic financial life skills needed to make a good start, potentially handicapping them for years. In partnership with PwC, elementary students learn valuable lessons in saving and investing, income and careers, financial planning and money management.

Fieldtrips: The thrill of the great outdoors is something that many students in our urban public schools never experience. We partner with Mission Springs Outdoor Education to provide many Oakland and Alameda 5th graders the opportunity to attend a three-day science camp in the redwood forest of the Santa Cruz Mountains. We also partner with Lawrence Berkeley Labs, who provide transportation and hands-on science learning activities. Students curiosity is fueled as they interact with scientists, perform experiments, and learn about exciting careers in STEM.

I want to fuel a student’s passion for science and math