President’s Corner: A Little Goes A Long Way

By Faith Network of the East Bay | August 31st,2016

The title of Max Lucado’s book Outlive Your Life: You Were Made to Make a Difference could be Faith Network’s theme song as we launch into our sixteenth school year. We are in search of farsighted people committed to invest in the next generation. YOU can make a difference by…

  • Helping a child become a successful reader and lifelong lover of learning
  • Opening up the world of science and the great outdoors to urban kids
  • Sharpening students’ math and critical thinking skills
  • Bagging food for low-income children and their families
  • Mentoring a high school student in preparation for a workplace internship
  • Following students forward to higher education and gainful employment
  • Assisting students during teacher-guided STEAM and Robotics Labs
  • Reaching out to friends, congregations and businesses to advance the goal of obtaining Hope for Children Now!

My last Sunday as a full-time pastor of First Covenant Church, before I left to
focus on Faith Network, was June 24, 2001. My wife Diane and I were greeting
people at the conclusion of the service. A boy approached Diane and presented
her with two quarters, saying, “If Jesus could feed a multitude with a few loaves
and fishes, maybe he could use these two quarters to help with your new
ministry.” Those two quarters are taped on my office file cabinet as a continual
reminder that a little can go a long way when placed in the hands of our Provider.
So the adventure of faith continues as the new school year unfolds and more
opportunities come our way to seek the shalom of the city. Thank you to so
many of you who are upholding Faith Network through your prayer support,
volunteer service and financial gifts.

For the children,

P.S. To learn more, click here, email, or call our office at 510-836-5100.

Burckhalter kids hanging out on the bench purchased by Faith Network and dedicated to Randy Roth.
Photo credit goes to Lisa Oler.