Future Scientists go to BLAZES

By Faith Network of the East Bay | May 25th,2016

Ruby Bridges Elementary fifth-graders recently journeyed to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to conduct science experiments in conjunction with the lab’s Berkeley Lab Adventure Zone in Elementary Science (BLAZES) program. Each student, wearing a white lab coat, participated in hands-on activities titled Finding Elements on the Periodic Table, What Conducts Electricity and When Do Substances Change from One State of Matter to Another.

Students were attentive and engaged as they first hypothesized and then tested various materials to see which objects conduct electricity, what happens when a small piece of dry ice is dropped into a flask with 150 ml of water, what happens when a balloon is immersed in liquid nitrogen, and which metal conducts heat the fastest. They were not shy about asking questions and interacting with Berkeley Lab engineers and scientists. Truly these at-promise students are our hope for the future! And it was great to see fifth-grade teacher Heather Figueroa flanked by inquisitive parent chaperones.

Faith Network is honored to be one of Berkeley Lab’s community partners, offering visits to the lab to 16 Oakland classes, plus bus transportation!

The mission of Berkeley Lab includes inspiring and preparing the next generation of scientists, engineers and technicians.